DOGFIGHT, The Greatest Air Duels of WW2

This book has everything for the AvGeek, pilot, casual reader, and history buff! Filled with cool stories (not too long so the average pilot can keep them within his attention span) and exciting photos (for the ones among us who despise reading) this hardcover book is the perfect gift.

Fighter pilots are the elite of the elite; it can take years of training to produce a fighter pilot and even longer to produce a plane that is worthy of their skills. Yet a dogfight can last only minutes. Drawing inspiration from The History Channel's popular show, "Dogfight" and the new Osprey DUEL series, Dogfight offers readers a chance to discover what it felt like to be a fighter pilot during World War II, flying some of the most iconic planes to have ever graced the skies during operations when man and machine were tested to the limit.

Meticulously researched digital artwork recreates the cockpit of each of these iconic fighter planes and accompanies a step-by-step explanation of the design and development of these warbirds, from prototype to combat. First-hand accounts and interviews with surviving pilots detail pilot training differences among the combatants as well as the equipment used in their preparations for war. Maps and diagrams reveal the wider strategic setting in which each dogfight took place.

From Spitfires battling Messerschmitts over the skies of southern England to Fw 190s desperately attempting to turn the tide against the advancing Mustangs of the 8th Air Force during the dying days of the war, discover the history of these amazing pilots and their aircraft in the awesome dogfights of World War II.

Special Features:


  • Illustrated throughout with digital illustrations of cockpits, side elevations, and battle scenes and filled with rare and never-before-seen photographs
  • Provides in-depth information on the flight characteristics and fighting capabilities of all of the most famous warbird types
  • Includes brief biographies and kill tables of famous aces

    Hardcover, 352 pages.

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