Flying: Just Plane Fun - Childrens Book

The featured book here is something we own ourselves to give to kids who come over. It is a great book for young kids right after they’re out of the coloring-book phase. The book cover says it is for ages 5 to 12, but we feel it’s more the 5 to 9 years range:

This is the Softcover version of the unique, award winning, and top selling children’s book. Bright watercolor sketches meshed with playful photographs capture the fun and excitement of flying in an open-cockpit biplane above the green fields of Wisconsin. Technical information about flying is interwoven with a wonderful tale of a boy and his grandfather spending time together in the air.
Children’s Picture Book, Ages 5-12, 24 full-color pages

“It’s a perfect book for those who are not yet pilots and are curious about flying”
- Flying Magazine, June 2003
“Young aviation enthusiasts will enjoy this picture book about aviation written especially for them. It’s a well written, nicely illustrated book….that’s just plane fun to read!”
- Sport Aviation Magazine, July 2003

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