Astra the Lonely Airplane - Children's Book

Astra The Lonely Airplane

Astra is a sleek, beautiful, shiny Gulfstream 100 airplane with a fun and playful personality, who finds herself all alone in her hangar with an uncertain fate, as she learns she will be sold. She is missing the fresh air and exercise, and wondering if she will even remember how to fly, after being flown by her sole caretaker and constant companion named Captain Dan for 12 years...

This is the Softcover version of the unique, award winning, and top selling children’s book. 
Children’s Picture Book, Ages 5-12, 33 full-color pages

ISBN: 978-1-953021-42-7
LCCN: 2021916479

Published by
Belle Isle Books 2022

Collections: Books, Kids & Toys, Kids Books

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