December 25, 2019


Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas, fellow Aviators!
We'll be celebrating with friends and family all over the world, so it might take a few extra days to get your orders shipped during the holidays but we will get to them every few days or so. We appreciate your patience and wish you Happy Holidays with your friends and loved ones!

December 18, 2019


About the "That Others May Live" Foundation

Some of you might know that we donate a portion of everything we sell related to the Pave Hawk "PEDRO" or PJ combat rescue to the Air Force Foundation "That Others May Live"... View full article →
November 27, 2019



Happy Thanksgiving, fellow aviators!

We don’t have any turkey for you (after all they’re flightless birds anyways) but after you spend your time with your family, come stop by and check out our annual “BLACK-bird" FRIDAY event:


25% Discount across the Board!

If you’re in the market for a Christmas gift for your favorite aviator boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife/dad/mom/cousin/son/daughter/friend/neighbor/coworker/boss/gardener you have definitely come to the right place!


 This year we will offer you 25% OFF YOUR ENTIRE ORDER until December 6th of 2019. (Apply DISCOUNT CODE "BF2019 during checkout)

 Grab one of our aviation related gifts and browse through our many funny Aviation Christmas Cards including our “Santa’s Adventure” Christmas Card Series. We have also added new Santa patches for the morale patch collectors among you along with many other new items and gifts from aviators FOR aviators.


Here is a brief overview of NEW items we added since last Christmas:

-    Patches

-    Christmas Cards

-    Christmas Ornaments

-    Key Chains

-    Socks! (yes, aviation socks!)

-    T-Shirts

-    And more small gift items

Valid until December the 6th. We're looking forward to seeing you.


November 01, 2018



We will be mostly out flying until November 16th but all orders until then will ship on Tuesday the 6th and Tuesday the 12th when we have the office covered.
Upon our return there will be new Christmas Cards and patches! STAY TUNED!
September 03, 2018



Fellow aviators,
Due to the current extreme wildland fire conditions in the US, all of us will be out flying from August 24th until September  6th as we were unable to sync our schedules this time. All orders placed during this time will ship out on Monday September 6th. This is a website built by aviators "for" aviators. We apologize for the delay and appreciate your understanding.
July 27, 2018



Dear fellow aviators,

Due to the extreme fire conditions in the USA, all of us will be out flying from July 29th until August 12th with no way to sync up our schedules. All orders placed during this time will ship out promptly on the 13th of August. As you know, this is a website "from aviators" "for aviators" and we suddenly got swamped with the "aviating" part. We appreciate your understanding.

May 30, 2018


Since EVERYBODY is talking about Privacy Policies and Terms of Use....

We hear and see a lot about privacy policies and the use of cookies lately. The law has changed in Europe and we assume every international website will need to jump on this latest bandwagon as well.

So we wanted to talk about this briefly as well. We are a small company with an even smaller IT department so all of our sales run through the shopify-plug-in. Shopify is a great tool for small businesses and they work very hard to keep your information safe. We would refer you to their policies since they are the big players in this transaction. See this link to Shopify, if you are interested.

Here is what the guys and gals at AVIATORwebsite do with your information on our level:
We save your address and what and when you have ordered (basically everything associated with your Order Number) to facilitate sending your items and so we can go back in time should there be any issues with the item or the shipping. We also sometimes give you additional Thank-You-Gifts to show our appreciation for supporting the little guy if it turns out you are a "frequent flyer" on AVIATORwebsite.

Us at AVIATORwebsite do NOT give out any of your information to ANYONE! We have no reason to and no highly lucrative deals with facebook or anything. Your payment information is completely secure through PayPal, AmazonPay, and Shopify directly and all these companies spend big bucks to keep it that way. We don't even see the transaction details and all we need to know is that the payment went through so we can send you the items. Of course our plug-ins will probably use cookies to verify where you come from and to make sure you are legit (see above link on their privacy policies) which shouldn't come as a shock to anyone. What it comes down to is, we at AVIATORwebsite don't do anything to you we wouldn't want for ourselves when we shop.

Please write us with comments or questions!

A few words about our patches

Almost all patches we sell come to us in trade for artwork we do for certain squadrons. They are not mass produced and therefore in very limited quantities. We make a few ourselves and every now and then we run across a patch that is more common than others. In general these runs are all but a couple of handful patches given we are a small operation and considering how many people usually are in a certain squadron. Which means that in general, when we sell out we're out and most likely you won't see them again on our website. But we will try our best to keep it interesting for you guys and find new and cool designs as much as we can.
November 26, 2015


Thanksgiving Super Sale!

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody! Get 25% off your entire order, if you order until Cyber Monday! Use the coupon code "BF2015" (without quotes) during checkout!

Black Friday & Cyber Monday: 25% OFF!

The Green-Toys have arrived!

We are very excited about these toys. They are super durable and literally taken anywhere, the house, the yard, the bathtub, the beach ...
And they are very safe and environmentally friendly. No BPA, phthalates, or PVC. Dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. Packaged with recyclable materials and printed with soy ink.

But most of all, THEY ARE A LOT OF FUN!! When we tested them in our own family, nobody wanted to give them up, especially the dads!

Browse our kid-section for more details.