May 30, 2018


AVIATOR website has a new look! After a few weeks hiatus, we're back in the air and online!

Come take a tour and discover all the crazy funny aviation humor and novelty items we have been collecting from all over the country.

We are your one-stop shop for aviation related gifts and one-of-a-kind humor books about everything related to flying!

Since EVERYBODY is talking about Privacy Policies and Terms of Use....

We hear and see a lot about privacy policies and the use of cookies lately. The law has changed in Europe and we assume every international website will need to jump on this latest bandwagon as well.

So we wanted to talk about this briefly as well. We are a small company with an even smaller IT department so all of our sales run through the shopify-plug-in. Shopify is a great tool for small businesses and they work very hard to keep your information safe. We would refer you to their policies since they are the big players in this transaction. See this link to Shopify, if you are interested.

Here is what the guys and gals at AVIATORwebsite do with your information on our level:
We save your address and what and when you have ordered (basically everything associated with your Order Number) to facilitate sending your items and so we can go back in time should there be any issues with the item or the shipping. We also sometimes give you additional Thank-You-Gifts to show our appreciation for supporting the little guy if it turns out you are a "frequent flyer" on AVIATORwebsite.

Us at AVIATORwebsite do NOT give out any of your information to ANYONE! We have no reason to and no highly lucrative deals with facebook or anything. Your payment information is completely secure through PayPal, AmazonPay, and Shopify directly and all these companies spend big bucks to keep it that way. We don't even see the transaction details and all we need to know is that the payment went through so we can send you the items. Of course our plug-ins will probably use cookies to verify where you come from and to make sure you are legit (see above link on their privacy policies) which shouldn't come as a shock to anyone. What it comes down to is, we at AVIATORwebsite don't do anything to you we wouldn't want for ourselves when we shop.

Please write us with comments or questions!

Aviatorwebsite Admin
Aviatorwebsite Admin


We're a small group of aviators with the mission of keeping this great profession and/or hobby light and fun. Often looking at the light side of aviation we specialize in pilot humor and aviation gifts...

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