August 29, 2022


AVIATOR website has a new look! After a few weeks hiatus, we're back in the air and online!

Come take a tour and discover all the crazy funny aviation humor and novelty items we have been collecting from all over the country.

We are your one-stop shop for aviation related gifts and one-of-a-kind humor books about everything related to flying!

Out flying until the end of August!

This week is one of those rare weeks we get once or twice a year, where all of us are out on a trip at the same time. Everything ordered this week will ship promptly at the beginning of next week, Monday September 5th!
Thank you for your understanding!

Aviatorwebsite Admin
Aviatorwebsite Admin


We're a small group of aviators with the mission of keeping this great profession and/or hobby light and fun. Often looking at the light side of aviation we specialize in pilot humor and aviation gifts...

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