"First 100 Years Are Tough" - A Collection of Aviation Artists from around the World

"First 100 Years Are Tough" is the latest creation of Martin Leeuwis Publications.

It celebrates one of the longest running airlines, the Dutch Airline "KLM"s 100 year anniversary by gathering 25 aviation cartoon artists from around the globe showing their individual and unique views of civil aviation.

- 200 Pages of varied aviation humor fun!

- English

- Size: European A5 format


Contributing Artists:

Ton van Andel, Philippe Abbet, Johan Baas, Steve Barba, Nicola Bolton, Roger Bowles, Roger Brunel, Gary Clark, Iain Dick, Nina Dietrich & Harald Havas, Toon van Driel, Patrick Harrington, Kelly Kinkaid, Wende Huizer, Rob Knotts, Bob Lang, Bob Leenders, Annebet Leeuwis, Chris Manno, Helmut Mauch, Rob Mulders, Herbert Plompen, Bob Stevens, Stefan & Mike Strasser

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