Going up, Sir!

"Going Up, Sir" is the successor of the very successful book "Good Landing", another collection of aviation related comics and cartoons by 21 different artists from around the world.

Again each artist filled at least one page of the 160 pages and no artist has more than 8% of the total book to maintain variety. And they all STILL look at aviation from a different angle!

Roughly half of the book is in full color.


English, 160 pages, 50% color, 50% black and white, A5 size softcover.

Contributing Artists:

Ton van Andel, Philippe Abbet, Johan Baas, Steve Barba, Nicola Bolton, Gary Clark, Martin Germans, Jason Hall, Harald Havas, Wende Huizer, Bob Lang, Bob Leenders, Annebet Leeuwis, Helmut Mauch, Rob Mulders, Barry Munden, Stefan Neuwinger, Herbert Plompen, Stefan & Mike Strasser, Peter Welleman, Heinz Wolf

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