"505th Test and Evaluation Group" Patch - MP0110


The 505th Test and Evaluation Group (505 TEG) is an operational test Organization focused on Theater Air Control System and intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance weapons systems. It conducts test, training, evaluation & tactics development to advance the integration of air, space and cyber capabilities into the command and control (C2) construct. It also monitors, evaluates and optimizes Air Defense Radar networks and enhances data sharing for command and control, and intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance systems.

That's from the internet and that's all we know about this patch. This patch fell into our hands through some friends at Nellis AFB. Looks like pretty cool stuff though......

Condition: brand new - never worn

Dimensions: 4" wide, 4.5" tall

(Patch does not have velcro backing)


To verify authenticity or if you are in a squadron and want to put in a mass order please check the "Squadron Flight Shop".

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