Desk Alarm Clock, Directional Gyro

Trintec classic aviation alarm clocks are made to simulate a primary flight instrument as closely as possible. This alarm clock features the actual shape of a Directional Gyro with a dial that closely represents a DG as well. "Current time is 33 o' clock!" HAHA

- Injection molded from high impact styrene and features a real glass lens for durability and scratch resistance. In other words, it’s almost Chuck-safe!
- High quality American made Quartz alarm clock movement for accuracy and many years of reliable service.

One AA alkaline battery required (not included).
Comes with one year warranty from the factory.

Dimensions: 3.5” x 3.5”

*NOTE: This is a delicate item and will therefore only ship within the US at a shipping cost of $4.95 USD!

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