Magnet Combo - "Piper Glider Tow" (side view)

Check out this very unique inexpensive pilot gift from a very small company that loves aviation as much as we do! We are bringing the items from the little German based outfit "Die Magnet Box" to the States and we will gradually add more airplane make and models. The magnet is fairly strong and the material allows for good detail. 

The Piper J3 is towing an ASK 21 sailplane!
The "tow cable" is a stretchable band that allows you to put the tow into all kinds of different positions. Very unique refrigerator magnet you won't find anywhere else!

- Sideview

- White

- Size: 2.50" long (J3) and 3.0" long (ASK 21)

Collections: Gifts for Pilots, Under $10

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