NASA Parker Solar Probe Patch- PVC - MP0204

Our first NASA patch!

We're super excited about this patch since we're space travel fanatics!

This was a patch made for the first mission to the sun, the "Parker Solar Probe". Well, maybe not the first probe ever, but the first spacecraft to fly into the low solar corona. That's REALLY CLOSE TO THE SUN!

The whole spacecraft was launched onboard the Delta IV Heavy rocket, which in itself is an awesome heavy lift launch vehicle. This whole thing is actual rocket science! (the mission we mean, the patch is just PVC)


- Limited quantities!


- brand new - never worn

- Hook & Loop backing 

- Size: 4" diameter 


To verify authenticity or if you are in a squadron and want to put in a mass order please check the "Squadron Flight Shop".

International Buyers:

Please note that we will ship "First Class International". There will be no returns and once the item leaves our location and the US we have no way of controlling what happens to the item. That being said - we will do our best on our end to make sure you get your patch. Patches are limited collector items. In most cases there are no replacements.

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