Original Chinook "Helitanker" Patch - MP0187

FINALLY BACK FOR 2024 Fire Season!...

Boeing CH-47D Chinook "Helitanker" Aerial Firefighting Patch. 

Verifying authenticity on this patch has been the easiest job for once since this is our own patch for a crew one of our own works on as day job. It's one of the first civilian Chinook patches and quite possibly the first Chinook "Helitanker" patch ever since the Chinook Helitanker has only been invented 5 years ago.

The term "Helitanker" comes from "tanked helicopter", which is a large helicopter with internal tanks installed, able to draft from rivers and lakes, or fly retardant (the red stuff) like a fixed wing airtanker.

These patches are originals and the very first run of hopefully many variations.


*** Originals ***


- Embroidered

- Size: 4" diameter

- Condition: brand new

- Hook & Loop backing

- individually packaged


To verify authenticity or if you are in a squadron and want to put in a mass order please check the "Squadron Flight Shop" .

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