T-Shirt "ATC - Do as I say..."

From the boys over at "Chicken Wings Comics":

FBI / ATF style parody shirt.

So you're an Air Traffic Controller and want to extend your authority you have over pilots to other parts of your life? This t-shirt might be the first step towards achieving that goal! (Caution: Might create conflict or confusion with more than one person in a room wearing this shirt).

And of course this shirt also works for everybody else who just wants to look "official" at a first glance and then make people laugh. But be warned! It might not help trying to get you into a club or through the yellow tape at a crime scene investigation!

(if it does, then please write us so we can change our product description!)

Backside reads "ATC - DO AS I SAY OR GET THE HELL OUT OF MY AIRSPACE! www.chickenwingscomics.com"

Front reads "ATC"

- Color: Navy Blue

- "Port Authority" 6.1oz. cotton shirts



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