Good Landing

"Good Landing" is the first book of the now famous aviation comics and cartoon collection by Martin Leeuwis!

The book contains 160 pages with cartoons and comics from 20 different artists from around the world. Each artist has at least one page but no more than 8% of the total book, and they all see aviation their own special, way. Of course, it also includes 13 pages of Chicken Wings comics! About half of the book is in full color.

English, 160 pages, 50% color, 50% black and white, A5 size softcover.

Contributing Artists:

Ton van Andel, Philippe Abbet, Jan van Alphen, Johan Baas, Roger Brunel, Gary Clark, Iain Dick, Nina Dietrich + Harald Havas, Toon van Driel, Fabian Goossens, Michael Hopkins, Bob Leenders, Annebet Leeuwis, Chris Manno, Helmut Mauch, Barry Munden, Herbert Plompen, Mike Ray, Stefan + Mike Strasser, Dimitri Verdoodt

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