Squawk 7700

We highly recommend this work for everybody who is interested in flying for the airlines.
This book is an eyeopener about how the business really works and Pete Buffington is a driving force in making aviation a safer place. Embark on a journey with him and follow his career from dreaming about flying as a little boy all the way to flying for the airlines. You might get a slight "reality check" reading this book but we know many pilots who now wish they knew more about the industry before they started making their dream of flying the big planes come true.

It's not all "Top Gun" and big salaries out there in "the real world"....

All books come signed by the author!

Foreword by Jeff Skiles, Hudson Miracle Co-Pilot of US Airways Flight 1649

Published by Peter M. Buffington
ISBN-10: 0-9712084-1-7
ISBN-13: 987-0-9712084-1-4

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This book was written, printed, and published in the USA!

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