November 26, 2015


AVIATOR website has a new look! After a few weeks hiatus, we're back in the air and online!

Come take a tour and discover all the crazy funny aviation humor and novelty items we have been collecting from all over the country.

We are your one-stop shop for aviation related gifts and one-of-a-kind humor books about everything related to flying!

Thanksgiving Super Sale!

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody! Get 25% off your entire order, if you order until Cyber Monday! Use the coupon code "BF2015" (without quotes) during checkout!

Black Friday & Cyber Monday: 25% OFF!

Aviatorwebsite Admin
Aviatorwebsite Admin


We're a small group of aviators with the mission of keeping this great profession and/or hobby light and fun. Often looking at the light side of aviation we specialize in pilot humor and aviation gifts...

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